Tabitha & Daniel

"And the time has finally come," Daniel said excitedly in front of this unique red hair that he fell in love with him couple stages ago.

“Our love is simple, you are easy to love,” said Tabitha back inside of that simple white wooden chapel that welcomed her love on July 13, 2019.

Both agreed that they have dreamt this day for years and I suppose that it was not only them who were completely and joyfully moved, but also included in this emotional celebration all those who accompanied them that day, along with affectionate laughter, crying senses, the occasional expressive cry and strong hugs that sealed an eternal memory, that will last in his memory, on that island, and in the images captured that can be revived every time they miss it.

I wonder how they have to decide the place to celebrate so much life in a single day, because the choice must have relevance and significance in every detail, every corner and every stage. For this reason, I assume that their romance has been fresh, joyful and festive, as described and accompanied by this beautiful hawaiian island.

Grand Wailea Restort, located to the South of Maui, the palm-tree cuttings, sand massages, refreshed them with salt water, the typical and blessed Hawaiian flowers, a waterfall representing all the emotions that were flowing along the memorable day and an invaluable sunset where the bride and groom danced and posed to comply with the orders of their heart and the future portrait they would have on the light table of their newlyweds house.

The chapel also had its prominence, because it was he who saw her enter, radiant and happy, and who dismissed her accompanied, even more radiant and even happier.

The emblematic waltz, had its deployment on the Church’s dock, with made everything look surreal, as if it was taken from a movie, where they could have their dream piece between Father and Daughter, between spouses, family and friends.

"Now race your glass and lets all cheers Mr and Mrs Berzon" invited her sister with the champagne in her hands, thus decorating an unforgettable day for the new family of love.


“Best Money We Spent on the Wedding”

“Guille did such an unbelievable job. We had seen some of his work and knew he would be good, but our wedding video exceeded all of our expectations. I could watch it over and over again, as he captured every single important moment and so many moments I didn’t even see or notice. He was easy to work with and made us feel comfortable in front of the camera, we are forever grateful for this video and the work Guille did for us.”

- Tabitha Berzon | 5 Star Review