Hi there! I'm Guille,
but you can call me G.


I’m a cinematographer, born and raised in Argentina.
In 2017, we came to the islands for our honeymoon, loved it so much that
ended up staying.

I’ve worked in fashion, commercial, events, music festivals, among others.
Now I combine everything I’ve learned towards wedding storytelling, giving an adventurous and cinematic style to it.

I specialize in Wedding & Elopement Videography in the Hawaiian Islands.
I’m based on Maui, but available for worldwide travel.


I shoot a limited amount of wedding per year.


One quote that thrives all my business decisions

“There’s no success in business, worth a failure in life”

So I rather limit the amount of weddings I shoot, but have more time to enjoy my family and what’s really worth in life.

My Story

I started shooting weddings merely because of business, but as soon as I did my first few videos, I noticed my work really impacts in life and marriage, so I started taking it more seriously and now I tell stories with meaning.

My purpose is to create a film that makes you relive your day, even better than how you remember it. That shows motion and emotion, not just about your wedding, but your relationship.



I’m a lover of the ocean and marine life. When I’m not working, you’ll find me enjoying my family at the beach, snorkeling, scuba diving or flying my drone around.

My wife Manuela is my muse and the one who pushes me forward to achieve my goals. I wouldn’t be where I am if it weren’t for her.
In April 2019, my son, Salvador, was born and I’ve experienced a whole new level kind of love. I feel a new part of my heart that never knew it was there.

Follow me at my personal Instagram if you’d like to know more about me or what I do during my free time!



Wedding storytelling it’s not just documenting the whole day and putting it all together with a nice soundtrack. It’s about telling a story, about sharing your love, your special day, how did it all came together, with families and friends.
I think it’s a great responsibility, as I’ll be capturing the most precious moments of your life. That’s why you’ll see me running around constantly, but don’t worry, I really enjoy what I do.

I will capture the funny, sweet and emotional for you to relive the moment every time you watch it. There’s always a family member or friend that won’t be able to attend, so it is nice for them to feel they were part of it thru your wedding video!


This post represents a great part of my thoughts and WHY I do what I do.

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